About DHO

DHO was born from train rides and hours of drawing and blowing the mind. From these drawings, some characters were born, who later would become part of a family, represented by what later would be our logo.

Like any crazy idea, it was born with the purest intention of doing something big and different. It is necessary to say that this project has come up and has been bred by more than one lifetime enthusiast! And for us, it represents the fruit of hard work, constancy and perseverance.

In addition, to introduce you this super project, we want to do our bit to build a better world. For this reason, one of our main initiatives is to collaborate regularly with associations of minority and disadvantaged groups.

We want you to enjoy our products, just as we enjoy making them and doing all we do to in order to make this possible. You must know that in addition of having the opportunity to wear super cool clothes, you are contributing to make this a better world.