Last February 6th took place our first photo shooting with a professional photographer! Thank you very much @claudiadfotografia! We made everybody get up early in order to go to the photo studio. It was a busy and very fun morning! 

It all started early in the morning, driving the car with all the equipment and a part of the atrezzo. Shortly after, the phone started to ring while everybody was arriving at the meeting point, near at the photo studio. 

As soon as we all went up, we started with all the organisation! Nerves, atrezzo, clothes on a coat rack, caps on an armchair, T-shirts over there… together we were classifying the steps of the session: product pics, funny pics, laughs, acrobatics…


Shooting DHO
Shooting DHO

Despite we are new doing photo shootings, the truth is that due our determination in doing the things the best we know and the invaluable assistance of our models and buddies, the thing went very well!

Since the beginning, our intention has been to transmit our simple and casual style. Although if you want to know more about our philosophy and you want to get to know us better, you can follow our steps through the social networks, here in the Blog and in our web, where we will procure to get you informed about all our movements!

We believe that the comfortability is our best travel companion, for this reason we are always preoccupied to work with materials that are pleasant to wear and designs that facilitate the natural movements of the body. We are talking about an outfit really casual and cool! For you to move comfortably in your day to day!

One of our top priorities is ‘Think globally, act locally’, is for this that we enforce every day to collaborate in one way or another in order to make this a more equal place for everybody. For example, we work with local businesses with the aim to reduce the environmental impact.

To give you an idea about our philosophy, we can explain that we like to do the things right, we are demanding with our job so that to you can understand what we want to communicate. Even so, we like to enjoy what we do and love to share with good, nice and generous people! In other words, ‘fill the days with life, don’t fill the life with days’..

We hope you like it and see you soon!

Shooting DHO

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